Psychosocial Rehabilitation

If you are wondering why this topic has figured in my chess website , I must mention here that I have been for quite some time , a life member of the WAPR ( World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation ) The well known centers in South India for treatment required by those with mental illness are located at Kilpauk in Chennai and Nimhans at Bangalore - However the average public is not well acquainted with the required details , scientific background of such matters and goes astray in handling such issues within the family - For those of you , who seek treatment for family members with mental illness , or rehabilitation following treatment , I give below a list of places providing such facilities - I will gradually expand the column to provide details on a wider basis , possibly all over India and perhaps international too - Readers are welcome to send further details for inclusion , any corrections etc which would be useful to such as would be interested in these matters.